Mom Who Has Spent Over 8 Years Pregnant Needs Color Code System To Keep Track Of Her Kids

Having 11 kids seems like a lot — but mom Veronica Merritt would have six more if it were up to her. Even though she supplies every kid with plenty of love and affection, she still gets a ton of negative comments from others.

Some people ask if they're all from the same father. Others question whether or not she's familiar with birth control. But Veronica is happy with her life and has thought up plenty of hacks to make motherhood even more pleasant.

For one, she color-codes the kids. Each kid is assigned a color, and oftentimes they receive items based on that color.
Veronica has spent roughly eight and a half years of her life pregnant, which is a stat that might make many women cringe. Her first child was born when she was only 14 years old. Her last was born when she was 34. While the idea of more kids isn't necessarily off the table, Veronica knows it's probably for the best.

Even Veronica's sister is in disbelief over the number of kids Veronica has. But they all seem happy — and very close to each other.

It's possible that the color-coding system was also a way for the kids to keep track of one another. It's a genius idea that the whole family seems happy with.

"The color coding system is incorporated into almost everything," Veronica said. "Anything I can find in their color I'll buy; their clothes, their toys, their sheets, towels, toothbrushes, cups and plates, it's almost obsessive."