Darci Lynne returns to stage 4 yrs later and is better than ever

Darci Lynne Farmer loved to sing at a young age but she was so shy that this Oklahoma born lady never got to show audiences her talent as a child.

That is until she developed her skills for ventriloquism.
At around the age of ten, she was crowned International Mini Miss with a little encouraging from her parents.

It was there that she met International Teen titleholder, Laryssa Bonacquisti, a young ventriloquist.
Darci Lynne returns to stage 4 yrs later and is better than ever

Dari soon began to wow audiences with her talent.

But perhaps what’s even more alarming about her ventriloquist act is that she makes her puppets sing.
Darci can sing and she does that with her mouth closed!

On the twelfth season of America’s Got Talent in 2017, Darci and her puppet, a sweet, girly bunny named Petunia, performed “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess.

Mel B was super impressed, giving Lynne her golden buzzer bringing the then little girl to tears.
The performance became the most viewed video in the show’s history within 30 hours of broadcast, later placing fourth on YouTube’s list of the top 10 trending videos of 2017.

Darci is back on AGT!
Together with Oscar, Lynne graces the stage, this time all grown up and glowed up as she and her friend performs “Let the good times roll”.

It’s clear that she’s more relaxed on stage now!

Before the song, Darci asks Oscar about his dating life to which he responds with a hilarious story about a girlfriend.
Samantha the squirrel never sits still, says Oscar.

Anyone had a hyper girlfriend before?

Oscar rants a bit telling Darci that Samantha drives him crazy at times.

Well that’s what relationships are about right?

Lynne, in true entertainer fashion, gives a silky segue telling Oscar that he worries too much, and that he should just let the good times roll. I think the audience got it.
This viewer made a good observation as well,

AGT can’t get enough of Darci can they? She’s been a guest every season since winning. I’m not complaining, though. She’s absolutely amazing and never disappoints.

I love how Darci’s performance has way more views than that of the reigning champion.”

I mean just watch Darci sing without her mouth moving!
She sings way better than most people do with their mouths open.

That’s not to detract from other singers but try to sing without opening your lips.

Darci hits note after note without a hitch!

Even the four judges are getting into it!
“How come this lady sings better than 90% of this generations top artists …. with her mouth CLOSED ! ….. AMAZING”

Commented Rahul Soni.

Darci is pure talent. It’s hard not to love this young lady, and even if you’re not a fan of ventriloquists, you cannot deny the singing prowess of Lynne.

Imagine what she could do with a mic and moving lips.

Don’t even ask how she does it. Her lips are sealed.

Watch her performance in the video below, she’s growing up so quickly!
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