Delivery Driver Finds A Note From A Customer Asking For A Dog Companion

Because of the driver's kindness, the man may have a dog once again.
If you have a dog in your family, you realize just how much love they can bring to you. The unfortunate reality for far too many pet owners, however, is that they are going to have to grieve the loss of their pet far too early.

Sometimes, we need someone that will help us out and allow us to deal with the grieving process that we must go through. We may lean on the shoulder of a family member or close friend but there are times when a stranger may step up to the plate and do what no one else could do.

For the person in this story, that stranger turned out to be a delivery man who had been coming to the area for years. His name is David MacLeod and he delivers for Iceland Home Delivery in Scotland. When he approached a customer’s house on his daily delivery rounds, he saw something that he wasn’t expecting.
Delivery Driver Finds A Note From A Customer Asking For A Dog Companion

There was a note posted on the fence and it touched his heart. The message was simple, but it is one that needed to be addressed. It said: “Small dog [wanted] for company. Lost my dog with cancer, do not feel well without him. Jack Russell/Cairn. Pay £30.”
After David saw the note, he knew that he had to share it in the hopes of making their wish come true. He posted the picture on Facebook and asked for assistance, saying: “I have been delivering Iceland to this lovely guy for almost 6 years, he is such a nice caring man. This is absolutely heartbreaking, so I’m going to make this year just that little bit better for him if I can.”

He was just reaching out to try to find ideas or to see if somebody had puppies and they could help out. He even offered to help with the cost! He also reached out to some organizations to help find a furry companion for the person on his delivery route.

Over the years, David had seen the Jack Russell running around and he knew that the man was attached to the dog. It’s always sad when somebody loses a pet in any way, but David was determined to help when the notes kept popping up elsewhere.

Fortunately, David was able to find someone that could help. After contacting the Give A Dog A Bone charity, they realized that they had dogs that may be suitable as companions.

It wasn’t just a matter of the kindness that David showed, other people in the community reached out to give some companionship and compassion during that difficult time. David is planning on leaving it to the organizations to find the right dog for him. He looks forward to being able to see a dog running around that area once again.