Pregnant Pit Bull Rescued From Life On A Chain Gives Birth To 13 Puppies

The night she was rescued she went into labor!
It always fascinates me how some people can be so neglectful towards their pets.

I’ve never understood that. Pets are a big responsibility as well as a blessing, so they should never be left to fend for themselves as if they don’t exist.

Sadly, there are some people who just don’t take care of their animals. Luckily, there are some lovely people in the world who are willing to give these neglected animals a second chance.
Pregnant Pit Bull Rescued From Life On A Chain Gives Birth To 13 Puppies

Blue was a pit bull whose whole world was the extent of her chain. The poor dog was placed on a chain beneath a tree and then just left to her own devices.
Not only was she lonely living on the end of a metal rope, but she was also very pregnant…as in, she could pop any minute. It was not the ideal situation for a pregnant dog to be in. Her future was looking quite bleak.

Fortunately for Blue, help was about to show up in the nick of time. The dog was spotted by a woman who convinced the owners to surrender her to their rescue. Blue was so happy and grateful for the help.

She was moved to a veterinary hospital, and was given her very own “maternity suit.” It was just the loving shelter that she needed, as she went into labor that same night.

But her rescue wasn’t the only surprise that Blue was in for – she went on to become to mother of 13 identical puppies!

After a little time in foster care, the precious canine family went on to find their own forever homes. It was the perfect happy ending that these sweet pooches deserved.