Emaciated Puppy Found In Taped Cardboard Box With "Help Me" Written On It Outside Kentucky Shelter

He's fighting for his life.
Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) is doing everything in their power to save the life of a malnourished puppy dumped in cardboard box outside the shelter.

On the morning of September 17, a KHS staff member named Warren found a taped cardboard box with air holes punched in the sides and “Found Help Me” written on it.

But what staff found inside brought them to tears.

“The young dog’s inflamed skin was raw and swollen from infection, he was missing almost all of his fur, and he was bloody from the sores that covered his thin body. He was so weak from demodectic mange and malnutrition that he could not even stand on his own,” posted the shelter.
The frail puppy was immediately seen by a veterinarian who started treating his infections and reducing his pain. This poor pup has been suffering for months to be in the state he is in.
Emaciated Puppy Found In Taped Cardboard Box With "Help Me" Written On It Outside Kentucky Shelter

They estimate the puppy to be 6-8 months old but say his growth was stunted due to malnutrition. He weighs only 15 pounds and has a long road to recovery. The shelter was unsure if he would make it through the weekend due to all the infections and his compromised immune system, but the little guy is a fighter.

KHS asked for name suggestions for the puppy, and after receiving tons of great options, they decided to name him Liam.

It is an Irish name that means “guardian” wrote the shelter in a post that told followers the pup had taken a turn for the worse. On Tuesday, they shared Liam had tested positive for parvovirus, a serious and potentially deadly virus.

He is receiving round-the-clock emergency care, but due to his poor health the shelter is not sure if Liam has the strength to pull through.

However, they are not giving up and are asking for donations to help cover medical costs and lots of prayers.